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These are real quotes from satisfied Indie players

Indie Testimonial: Craig Hurst turned up his Indie IPR Hollow with p90 pick-ups

"Just fitted a pair of p90 pick-ups into one of my many IPR Hollow guitars.......WOW!!!!
I now have an array of fender tones. I hate fender guitars but I always loved the Trower/Hendrix/Gilmore tones, but now I have them in a much better guitar.
Could I recommend doing this in a future model or perhaps have a version with a Humbucker/p90 mix.
Anyway, keep up the amazing work.
--Craig Hurst, Nottingham , England

Indie Testimonial: Dylan Raine plays Indie every gig and suggests you try one!
“The IJR-765 is probably the nicest sounding guitar I have had the opportunity to play so far. Combined with the graphics this guitar allows the most accurate harmonics, over the top whammy bar madness, beautiful sounding pick-ups, and it stays in tune! It also gives an audience a completely unique show. I've used this guitar at every gig so far and will continue to do so for many years to come. When looking for a guitar that does "All that and more" I'd suggest taking a look at Indie, you might just be surprised!"
--Dylan Raine

Indie Testimonial: Mikey Sixx says Indie is the best guitar line. Ever.
"There is so much to say about Indie, you can go on forever and rant how epic they are. My Ocean Natural has not let me down a single show. The fret board is so fast and small so you can shred away for hours without getting a cramp in your fingers or what so ever. The guitar is also really light, doing guitar spins are so much easier now. Sound wise, the guitar comes with GR8 stock pickups and I was going to change them once I got the guitar. But once again, I was extremely surprised on how the guitar sounds. Instead of modifying the pickups, I still have the originals in. Indie makes guitars that look very beautiful and sounds amazing, which some companies tend to lack. My opinion, best guitar line ever no exceptions. Get one and play with it."
--Michael, Band - Last Day Within, Rockland, Ontario

Indie Testimonial: Mike Fleming says Indie is better than the rest
"I did grow up on Gibson Les Paul, but my Indie is better! It has huge fat sound and tone, plus top quality parts. It's been 40 years I've been playing. People need to find out about Indie!"
--Mike Fleming, Burlington, Ontario

Indie Testimonial: Jeff Redinger urges you to try an Indie
"Sustain, rich tone, it stays in tune and looks cool. These are the reasons I love being an Indie artist/endorsee and play my Indie FDL at all our live shows. I should also mention that it's reliable and can withstand any of the unexpected bumps that come with gigging. Try an Indie - you'll be impressed!"
--Jeff Redinger, Band - Redinger, London, Ontario

Indie Testimonial: Richard Lees is not addicted to Indie just committed
"Just wanted to let you know about how thrilled I am with my Indie guitars!! I got my first one about 9 months ago, and now have three. I always get comments about the tone of the guitars and their looks. I have a black/white Indie DC Hollow Stripe and just love those P90's!!!! They sound like butter melting on hot toast, until the gain is turned up that is and then they make my toenails curl and my fillings fall out. The next one is an Indie ISG in army green. OK, so not the coolest colour in the world, but this guitar RAWKS!!!!! Seriously. The other guitarist in the band plays a Gibson Les Paul, and my Indie keeps pace just fine. Besides, I bought it to play, not to look at. Plays as well as my mates Gibson as well. However, third and by no means least is my Indie Shape Tribal Custom. This looks soooooo good I can't bring myself to gig with it. Total guitar porn, total drool factor. Sounds and feels great when I do play it though!!!! I've been playing for 40 years and have had most of the top brand guitars at some time or another, so I like to think I know a bit about what a good guitar feels like. And Indie definitely have that feel. Love 'em to bits!!!!!!
Now......if I can only save up for the ILP Floyd........and ILP Custom..........."
--Richard Lees, AKA Babyface Louie, Band - The Six, UK

Indie Testimonial: Fridge Andrews of Sirens and Serenades is dedicated to his Indie
"I play my Super-T EVERY DAMN SHOW!!!
It's the basic Indie Super-T in black but its been heavily modified for my own needs. It has been wired with an active EMG-81 AND the passive Indie single coil in the neck. It also has an on/off volume knob to cut off the EMG when it's turned off to save on battery power. So useful when out on tour on the road! I use this guitar every single show I play and in studio working on our new full length album. Amazing quality for an amazing price. How do you argue?"
--Fridge Andrews, Band -  Sirens and Serenades, Perth, Ontario

Indie Testimonial: Matt French plays an Indie at every gig
"I have according to Indie Paul the only Indie Dude in North America....I couldn't be happier. I've had it for almost a year now and it's used at EVERY gig I play. I love the way it sounds and also the fact that it's not 1000 lbs. So my back isn't killing me at the end of the night. I've had a lot of fellow guitarists come up to me VERY interested in getting their hands on one of these bad boys. INDIE ALL THE WAY!!!!" --Mat French, North Bangor, New York.

Indie Testimonial: Devon Eveleigh is a die hard Indie man
"My Indie is my life....enough said!!!"
--Devon Eveleigh, Cornwall, Ontario

Indie Testimonial: Mike Edwards pays tribute to Canadian music icon Myles Goodwyn with Indie
"I just wanted to pass on my compliments on the Indie guitar I just purchased from Mojo Music in Oakville, ON.. I have been a big fan of April Wine since 1971, when they first started out and I thought after all these years it would be nice to pay Myles a compliment that he deserves and buy his signature guitar made by your company. I must admit that I'm totally amazed at the quality of guitar that came out of the box and ready to play right away. It was perfectly set up with no adjustments needed on the truss rod....the frets were polished and smooth, just like a mirror, and with absolutely no buzz anywhere on the fret board. The action was nice and low, just the way I like it. The quality of workmanship on this guitar is amazing to say the least with zero shortcuts taken anywhere. If this guitar came from the Gibson plant it would be worth three or four times more than what I paid for it, and I've always been a hardcore Gibson player until I purchased this beautiful axe. I can't wait to save up some more coin and buy another one of your fine guitars."    --Mike Edwards, Ontario.

Indie Testimonial: Take Barry Stokes advice and pick up an Indie!
"I now have 5 Indie's in my collection: custom psychedelic acoustic, IPR custom, Floyd Rose LP Custom, 2-Tone stripe custom and the prototype double cut hollow.  I'm gigging out in the Gulf, where guitar techs are rare, so build quality and set-up is important to me. None of these guitars have disappointed.  More important to me, though, is the philosophy behind Indie - it reminds me of why I spend all my free time and free cash on this obsessive hobby. My Indies are unique, distinctive, talking points and real work-horses when it comes to getting the job done. I also like that I'm buying my guitars from guys that are passionate about building guitars for guitar players and not just about the $.  My advice - pull a 2-tone custom off the shelf and put it through its paces. If you're hooked you'll still have enough dosh left to pay the rent." --Barry Stokes

Indie Testimonial: John Baker says Indie is a “No Brainer” 
"Hi, just thought I`d comment on my Indie Two Tone semi-solid. As a guitar player for the past 40 years this is the best guitar of its type I have come across. I had a small fault on the same type of guitar (tobacco burst) that I originally bought. Spoke to the dealers and to Keith about the problem and it was solved with no problem. I received a Wine red replacement with much better spec than the original and have used it heavily ever since. Have had Gibson, Fenders and various other assorted Guitars over the past 40 odd years (still got the 79 strat.cos that`s the only sound the Indie can`t do....) Play thru an Ashdown FA60dsp all valve combo amp and this guitar does it all from nice country to stupid overdrive (I have owned a Gibson 335 and an Epiphone Sheraton) and this guitar is every bit as good as either of them and at 1/3 of the price. I believe it`s called a "No-Brainer" in modern speak...Can`t speak too highly about it ...great guitar and fantastic backup from Indie..Thanks." --John BakerIndie

Testimonial: Third times a charm for Indie enthusiast Tom Coffee
"I just bought my third Indie guitar! I am a huge fan of the brand and think you make the best of the "realistically priced" guitars. I am a life long Gibson fan and have played more than a few Gibsons in my day, but I doubt I will ever again. The price difference between Indie and Gibson nowhere near warrants the extra cost, just to have the logo! For those of us who just want a top quality instrument to play Indie is as good as it gets, and any of the players I know agree as soon as I hand them one of my Indies to try out." --Tom Coffee

Indie Testimonial: First-time Indie player Josh Hershberger blown away
“I just recently purchased an Indie ILP custom gold top and it plays absolutely amazing. I never heard of the brand Indie until I was in a distant music store looking for a new guitar. As soon as I walked in the guitar caught my eye, but I still wanted to take a look around the store. The shop owner was talking to me as I was looking through and he asked me what I had been interested in and I told him I was looking for an Epiphone Les Paul because it was a good guitar in my price range. He then proceeded to tell me that Indie is a better quality guitar for my price range. At first I was skeptical of a copy, because all I ever had played before was a cheap Stratocaster copy that was junk. I knew which one I had my eyes set on, and then I plugged it in and played it in the shop. I instantly felt connected to the guitar. I bought it, took it home, plugged it in, and haven't stopped playing. Thank you.” --Josh Hershberger

Indie Testimonial: Rory from Nova Scotia is now an Indie Believer!
"So, I play an Indie Shape Series Stripe (yes, the famous blue one with the white racing stripe). I've been looking for a guitar that fit ME for a long time. I have a single coil guitar that has a perfect sound, and my Indie complements it perfectly! I've had other 'famous' brands before; humbuckers and P-90's for pups... HATED them. My Indie gives me just the right amount of low end and high end, and I can meld it all together for my own unique sound. It's not too bassy so it's muddy, and it's not tinny. A custom art decoration and this thing was good to go. I'm surprised at the rigidity of the set neck, I'm a fan of bolt-on style personally, but this set can take the abuse and playing style that suits me from post-hardcore rocking to a subtle mellow riff. I've never been a fan of humbuckers, but these are noise-cancelling with the single coil snap and attack." --Rory, Nova Scotia

Indie Testimonial: Andy C spreads the gift of music to youngsters, with an Indie Guitar!
"I have a 'First Anniversary' serial number IA1 0021 (yes, I bought into the brand that early!). I use it every day for teaching and gigs, it has never let me down, it looks great, and everyone comments on how beautiful and smooth the sound is. Compared to other guitars in it's price range, this thing is outstanding! I'd never be without my 'Indie'. I've recommended them to many students, who have gone on to play 'Indie Guitars' and not looked back! And yes, you can quote me on
that!" --Andy C (RGT Tutor)

Indie Testimonial: David Symmonds from Surrey is raving about his Indie IPR Hollow!
Hey, I'm David Symmonds from Surrey, England I'm in a Hardcore band called Break The Boundaries. I use an Indie IPR Hollow, the sound it gives is practically indescribable it cuts through so well, I was so surprised when I plugged it in, cause I would never expecting it to give such a great sound.The body work is so nice, the pick ups are impossible to beat normally I would buy a guitar and immediately change the pick ups but not with this one. I just can't seem to put it down. Indie truly do make undeniably great guitars. I own and have owned guitars worth nearly 5 times as much as an Indie but the Indie outplays them in sound and quality, anyone who have never had the fortune to play a Indie is missing out. If anyone asked my opinion on a guitar my first answer would always be an Indie Guitar. You keep rolling out great and I will keep playing them." --David Symmonds, England