Indie Guitar CO. Movement
Indie Guitar CO. USA/Canada was conceived as a way for independent retailers, artists, and guitar enthusiasts to finally be pulling the strings.
Since its inception in July of 2008, Indie has been gathering momentum thanks to a strong commitment to customer-dealer relations and a unique dealer program.
Indie fully understands that the true value of a quality crafted guitar, with a tone and sound all of its own is priceless.
That is why the price tag attached to any Indie product is directly tailored to meet the budget of an artist; while providing independent retailers with a low buy-in, excellent margins, and protection from chains selling the same product.
Indie Guitar CO. offers a bold and inspired line of electric, acoustic and bass guitars designed to meet the needs and playing styles of different players, as well as boasting unique and traditional designs.
To ensure the quality of every product all Indie Guitars are inspected and professionally set up prior to shipment and are stored in a humidity controlled warehouse located in Cornwall, Ontario.
Indie Guitar CO. Challenge
The Indie Challenge is no gimmick. It's a chance for the Indie Sound to be put to the test.
Each Indie Challenge video installment is an unfiltred display of natural reactions from first time Indie users, all the way to Indie patrons.
The outcome is a large collection of retailers and artists who are completely strung out on Indie.
All over North America, at guitar conventions and Indie retailers, the response from the Indie Challenge continues to transcend the boundaries of everyday enthusiasm, bringing new meaning to the “Indie Attitude.”
An open invitation to the Indie Challenge is always there.
Simply pick up any Indie Guitar at one of the many Indie retailers all over North America and play.
WARNING: Prolonged exposure to the Indie Sound, Attitude, and Lifestyle is highly addictive and habit-forming.

Indie Guitar CO. Artists
A legion of artists have subscribed to the Indie Guitar Co. Movement.
Each Indie Artist demonstrates a true understanding of, and devotion to, everything which Indie Guitar CO. stands for.
The ever-growing collection of Indie Guitar CO. Artists include: Myles Goodwyn of April Wine; Blues legend Jimmy James; Shaun Verrault of Wide Mouth Mason; Derry Grehan, Johnnie Dee, and Garry Lalonde of Honeymoon Suite; Alec Fraser of the Jeff Healy Band; John Campbell and Max Lacroix of Blind Witness; October Sky; Trench Town Oddities; Medius; Taylor Bingley of 17 Yates. 
Indie Guitar CO Limited Lifetime Warranty
Indie Guitars are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original owner when purchased from an authorized Indie Guitar retailer. This Indie Guitar Lifetime warranty is extended to the original owner and is non transferable. Indie Guitar will repair or replace any Indie Guitar or defective part at its discretion. Electronics are warranted for a 1 year period from date of purchase. Customers are responsible to pay for shipping costs to Indie Guitar Co. or any authorized Indie Guitar repair centre. Indie Guitar CO reserves the right to use parts that are readily available at the time of repair in the case that original parts are no longer available. A copy of the original invoice from an authorized Indie Guitar retailer must be presented at time of service request.
What is not covered.
1. Normal wear and tear to serviceable parts. ie. strings, fret wear, tuning machines, electronic controls, worn plating, scratches, damages from accessories, damages to finish or discoloration of any kind.
2. Any guitar that has been subject to extreme humidity or extreme temperatures.
3. Indie Guitars that have had serial numbers altered or removed.
4. Warranty claims by anyone other than the original owner.
5. Indie Guitars that have been purchased from non-authorized Indie retailer.
6. Shipping damages of any kind.
7. The subjective issue of tonal qualities and or characteristics.
8. Any guitar that has been neglected, abused, misused or damaged by accident.
How to obtain warranty repair:
Consult your nearest Indie Guitar Authorized retailer for a return authorization. A copy of the original sales receipt must be included to establish proof of purchase, date and serial number. The guitar must be shipped, freight and insurance pre paid. No guitar may be returned to Indie Guitar Co. without prior return authorization. Service performed by unauthorized persons will void this warranty.