Myles Goodwyn - April Wine
" The 1PR-MG is without question a great guitar. Whether live or in the studio, it delivers. I love mine. I`m sure you will love yours."
Shaun Verreault - Wide Mouth Mason
" Thank you and congratulations on providing such an excellent instrument! The guitar looks and sounds beautiful. The pickups strike a great balance, between the snarky throatiness of the bridge and the fat roundness of the neck it's a very versatile guitar. It's obvious that you've spared no expense on the components."
Derry Grehan & Johnnie Dee - Honeymoon Suite
" I love my Red Standard semi-hollow electric! This guitar is well made, and sounds huge when I let it loose through my Marshalls onstage, but it cleans up real nice when I back it off. I use it a lot at home in the studio as well. Its like having an ES335 at a fraction of the cost. I also have a nice Indie bass that I track with all the time in my studio. My daughter Leah Marlene also plays an Indie acoustic that she just loves! More people need to discover Indie Guitars! They are high quality at a real affordable price."
Damon Johnson
Black Star Riders & Alice Cooper
Alec Fraser - Jeff Healy Band
" I'm loving this bass! It's got it all on it. I'm finding that I'm not having to go to the amplifier to get different tones. The active boosts work well. The bass boost is great for my string-bass muting technique and the balance pot (treble side) is handy for a quick Andy Fraser (Free) sound. The bass is balanced well and easy on the back. Musicians are already asking me what it is and thats only two electric bass gigs that I've used it on so far.
Lips - Anvil
My Indie guitar is one of my favorite guitars. It's never in it's case... I like to be able to grab a guitar at all times and if I'm going to do that I choose my Indie!
Taylor Bingley - 17 Yates & Gojira Tour Manager

Jack de Keyzer
"Thanks to my friend Myles Goodwyn from April Wine (On whose new blues album, I played) for hooking me up with a great new guitar company called Indie Guitars. I have a loaner 2 Tone Standard and it is beautiful. I really love this guitar. If you are in the market for an affordable electric guitar that has great parts and is well built Indie is the place to go."
Karl Raymond - October Sky

Yanik Rouleau - October Sky
"Out of all the guitars we've used in the past, Indie Guitars are the only one we have used both in the studio and on the road. We played over 200 shows with these guitars and they are phenomenal. We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality and unique sound coming out of these amazing guitars. Once you're tried one, you won't go back to your old guitar."
Eric Dick - Celleste & Writer/Producer
" Gotta love this goldtop... a quality product from a quality company, feels amazing and sounds great... thanks to Indie Guitar Co. for making some really fun stuff! "
Gary Lalonde - Honeymoon Suite

Brian Buchanan - Enter The Haggis

Trevor Lewington - Enter The Haggis

Andrew Feustel (NASA Astronaut) - MaxQ
"Fantastic guitar, plays really well and sounds great through my Fender amp. Cant wait to get it out in the open with the band and really crank it up. The finish looks perfect, and the neck has a great feel and nice shape."
Trench Town Oddities
" Indie guitars are everything you'd expect! Great sounding, rugged as hell and great looking! We don't leave home without our Indies "
Mike Fleming
"I did grow up on Gibson Les Paul, but my Indie is better! It has huge fat sound and tone, plus top quality parts. It's been 40 years I've been playing. People need to find out about Indie!"
Jean-Francois Voisin - Forteresse

Kevin Strom - Elevation

Barrett Klesko - All Else Fails

Magdalena Czwojda - Soundz Good, Poland
"Indie it was love at first sight. I had the opportunity to play on a few guitars of this company and I immediately liked it. After some time, I became the owner of Indie Shape Extreme Plus. This guitar immediately became my favorite instrument. Universal, very good sounding, beautifully made and looks very feminine, revelation! Thank you Indie Guitar Co."
Tom Bagler - Mosley
" My guitar dosen't only look great, but also lives up to the standard of quality and craftsmanship that I have sought after for so long. From the road to the studio, I know I can count on my Indie "
Jeremy Sarrazin - CAYM

Jamie Lobban - LiveDifferent Road Team Leader
"Over the years, I have seen a lot of bands come through the Live Different tour with great guitars made by Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and more. I must say that none of which compares to the rugged build, rich sound and bold look of an Indie. I highly recommend an Indie guitar to any serious touring musician."
Andrew Turenne & Ben Thum - Neighbours.